Welcome to Jalan, the Crossroad Kingdom

You are all residents of the city-state of Jalan, one of the known World’s greatest centers for trade, commerce, art, and learning. Originally a center of power for the Archipelagans, Jalan has changed hands more than once. The current government, an Ulari monarchy, gained power by ousting a vicious regime of Lithic conquerors which had enslaved the population outright. Today, Jalan is a cosmopolitan region with a plurality of Archipelagans, little more than half of which are descendants of the original population. Numerous other cultures and races call this land home, many of whom settled here after the War of Liberation. Queen Delnia rules gently but firmly, creating a fine balance between a liberalized cultural center and a self-reliant military power that can resist any future conquest.

Jalan’s outskirts are famous for the Bandit Queen, Lerrusilva, Delnia’s elder sister, who reigns over the Compass Point Wilds, a great forested valley with the swiftest path to and from the city by land, but which is riddled with unusually large communities of bandits, smugglers, and their ilk, who band together under Lerrusilva’s name, but also follow her law to not harm those who willingly pay a “safe passage tax.” Over the years, this has caused the bandits to become a tourist attraction more than a discernible threat, though they are no less despised by caravans.

In keeping with its semi-militaristic nature, all permanent residents are required to spend two years in the Jalanese Militia in order to obtain full citizenship and the right to own land. Some of you may be natives, and some of you may be immigrants, but you have all trained together these past two years, learning the tools of war both violent and gentle. In your time in the Militia, you have been recognized as some of the best and brightest, and those around you have recognized that, should Jalan need to call on its citizens against would-be conquerors, you will surely be standing as equals with career soldiers. You are about to embark on your last assignment, and from there your future is yours to choose, so long as peace abides.

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Jalan: Mysteries of the Haunted World