Court Circle
Once known as the Royal District, Delnia renamed it to deemphasize the nobility and to stress the value of the administrators, courtiers, and advisers that live and work there. With the palace at its center, the Court Circle contains the offices for most government functions and the housing and services required for their day-to-day activities. While food, tailoring, and other upkeep-related businesses are welcome, durable goods cannot be sold; Delnia wants the government to be unable to isolate itself from the population. Several small parks dot the district to provide moments of peace for those who carry heavy burdens.

Echoless Grove
This district is walled not for defense but to keep out the noise of the rest of the city. Home to museums, art studios, libraries, gardens, sculpture parks, and anything else best enjoyed in silence, a strict noise level code is enforced here, and the district utilizes sound-dampening materials and magic to keep things quiet. A rare few buildings and one open-air stage are devoted to bringing sound into the silence, but only under the condition of extensive sound-proofing walls or wards. After a few too many incidents of noisy children getting their families banned from the district, a charities began to outfit the district with several “Calming Tents” covered in thick padding for families to duck inside while trying to soothe their children before the authorities are forced to act.

Inland Island
A small but bustling district where artists live and work, creating works from materials fom all over the world. A district for creating and practicing, but not for shopping, the only large-scale markets here are for raw materials. Each artisan is allowed to keep samples on hand, take orders, and finalize sales at their workshops, but hocking their wares must be done in the market of Forestdrift Port so that the other artists are not disturbed while they work. Housing here is cheap for new tenants, as the city seeks to encourage young artists, but residency requires proven artistic talent and productivity. This district also houses several institutes of artistic learning. While these institutes are outside of the University of Jalan, they are required to offer a portion of their time to encouraging the artistic understanding of the University students; in practice, the institutes usually send their most expendable professors to give these lectures.

The largest district of Jalan, Hearthwall extends to both sides of the Reaching River and encompasses most manufacturing, educational, financial, and residential sections of the city. Here can be found the great University of Jalan, world-famous performance halls, taverns and pubs aplenty, and small shops selling odds and ends to those who have no time to take a trip to the Port’s market.

Shield Towers
A new district carved out of a section of Hearthwall once called Noble Steppe, this risen section of land and its many mansions and banquest halls now serve as the primary barracks and training ground of the Jalanese military and those citizens fulfilling their duty in the militia.

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